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Raising future leaders for the next generation

Our enrollment ensures a supportive and inclusive environment, where each child's unique qualities are celebrated, setting the stage for a fulfilling educational adventure.

We foster early literacy, numeracy, social skills, and emotional intelligence. Our approach recognizes and celebrates each child's individuality, providing a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Our programs foster a well-rounded educational experience. join us in cultivating a love for learning through purposeful play, exploration, and age appropriate activities tailored for each child 's developmental stage

About Us

Welcome to Faith & Love Nursery, located in Edgeware, ENG. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and education for children in a nurturing and loving environment.

At Faith & Love Nursery, we believe in the power of early childhood education and its ability to shape young minds. Our team of passionate and experienced educators strive to create a safe and stimulating space where children can learn, grow, and explore. With a focus on individualized learning, we tailor our programs to meet the unique needs and interests of each child, fostering their development across all areas - cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. Trust us to provide your child with the foundation they need to thrive and succeed.


Mondays to Wednesdays

Breakfast (7:30am - 8am)

Morning (8am - 1pm)

Late Morning ( 9am - 2pm)

Afternoon (1pm - 6pm)

Late Afternoon (2pm - 6pm)

Late Session (3pm - 6pm)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide competent and compassionate care and education to children aged 6 months to 4 years old. We aim to be a unique nursery that enlightens children with Christian principles and also endeavour to ensure the inclusivity of children from all faiths and backgrounds.

We aim to help all children reach their full potential through individualised child-centered plans. We also value good partnerships between staff and parents to ensure a safe and happy environment for all children.

The curriculum will be child-centered based on learning through play and the Early Years Foundation Stage which is the foundation of all our learning.


We lay the foundation for language skills through engaging stories, rhymes, and hands on activities.

In math we emphasize counting using everyday objects and shapes. In science we explore simple things like the weather, plants & animals

Our children engage in a variety of creative activities to foster Self-expression and fine motor skill. Through drawing, painting and crafting.

Our activities are designed to stimulate curiosity and problem solving skills. Through age appropriate activities, children develop the ability to observe, analyse and make decisions.


To be a unique Christian nursery that teach children Christian principles and values that will benefit the community.

To provide a safe, happy, caring, stimulating and secure environment for our children where everyone feels valued and respected.

To engage our children in the highest-quality teaching and learning and to adjust our teaching where necessary to the children's personal learning needs.

To follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.

To foster high-quality leadership at all levels.

To work in partnership with other agencies and our communities to promote the welfare of our children.

To work together with parents as partners to improve learning and care.

To reflect on our work and fulfil our learning potential.

To value and empower our children and staff by recognising and celebrating successes and achievements.

To promote well-being and respect.

What Our Families are Saying

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Mondays 8am - 6pm

Tuesdays 8am - 6pm

Wednesdays 8am - 6pm

Thursdays Closed

Fridays Closed


The Apostolic Church,

Burnt Oak Christian Fellowship (BOCF)

Oakleigh Avenue






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